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Thank you for signing up.  My name is Chris Elmore and I’m the owner of the site

I’ve discovered a simple way to start, run, and sell an online course business – and have success a lot of success doing it.

The reason you need this is that if you have always had an idea and wanted to start your own online course business – we can show you how.

If you already have an online course business – but can’t seem to get it to work – this will help you get ahead also.

Online course businesses are among the best businesses to start.

It requires very little capital – you can simply use your knowledge to create an online course business and you can build it all in the comfort of your own home.

If you had a serious problem you overcame in the past  … make no mistake there are others who are where you used to be and really need your advice.

So you can make something using your own experience or knowledge to help others in need.  If you have a particular skill in one area – you can turn this skill into an online course and show others how to do it too.

For example, when I got started I didn’t have much capital but I did have a skill – I could play the guitar.  So I made a site showing users how to play the guitar and that site went from 0 to 1.03mil in 48 mths simply showing others how to play the guitar

If you don’ have a particular skill – the other option is to hire someone to make it for you.  Just go to Upwork and you’ll find hundreds of highly qualified people with amazing talents waiting for you to hire them.

I did this for my other web site.  I found lots of people want to learn how to draw.  I myself don’t have the skills – so I hired an artist who is amazing at drawing and built an online drawing course.  We took that site from 0 to 85k per year and eventually sold it for quarter million.  The only thing is you do need to pay the artist or the person making the material for every course they make.

Or the last option is  – if you don’t have any skills and don’t want to pay an expert – you can partner with someone and do a 50/50 deal.

So you put the site together  … and your partner has the particular skill set and you split everything down the middle – from the advertising costs to the revenue, you bring in.

So, for example, I used to go to krav maga classes in the evenings.  I met someone who was a pro at krav maga.  He loved it!  He used to come over to my place on weekends and show me extra moves and we’d train together.  One day I asked him – hey you want to make a course teaching others krav maga?  He agreed and we made a krav maga site and we split everything down the middle … from the advertising costs and the revenue we make – and we can eventually sell this one for a big lump sum in the future also.

So this goes to show you can start an online course business.  There’s nothing stopping you from doing this right now.

I’ve done it (several times), others are doing it also and you can do it too!

If you haven’t already – check out my course called ‘total product blueprint’ where we show you exactly how it’s done with actual screenshots and video walkthroughs right from turning your idea into a product and setting up a basic web site and selling it.

Anyhow – thanks for signing up once again and I look forward to helping you start, run and see your own online course business and seeing what you come up with on your journey to success also.

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