After serving in the Army for a year,  Chris Elmore got his diploma in technology before getting a job for just $9/hr.

He worked for 9 months in order to save $5,000 to fund his first web site.

Then he moved into his parent’s single garage to build his site showing users how to play the guitar online.

After reaching #1 in google and making over $1.03 million in 48 months, he moved into a large office with staff and carparks.

He got married, bought his dream home and first Mercedes Benz and travelled.

Returning back to the office one day, he was shocked to discover ZERO sales and ZERO traffic.

Google changed its algorithms overnight and Chris was forced to start over.

He started his journey again (this time with a family to support) and slowly worked his way up using only paid traffic strategies and careful planning.

Today he enjoys time with his family, looks after his parents and loves starting, running and selling rock solid web sites for others to acquire.

He now shows others how to do the same thing in order to avoid the pitfalls most business owners make when venturing into the online world.

Chris Elmore - The Elmore Organisation