Teaching Template

Teaching Template

This lesson is called ‘teaching template’ which will show you how to teach a lesson in a way that people understand and GET!

This is important because when it comes to teaching … you can’t just talk about a bunch of facts and stats.

You need to talk to people in a way that teaches them the concept, tells them WHY they need to know it as well as get them to take action at the end.

Giving them steps is not enough … you must inspire them enough to take the steps so they get a result and they SEE THAT – and in the end, they will LOVE your product.

If they buy your product and don’t take action (either because they don’t understand or it wasn’t taught very well) .. they just won’t get it … they will not think highly of your stuff and they will say it just doesn’t work.

Whereases if you structure your lessons in the way I’m about to show you … they will enjoy it, they will get it and they will take action and get a result

It’s a very simple template … aim to structure every lesson using this format … and your students will have great success.

Here’s the way to do it:

Step 1 – state the point of the lesson (e.g. this lesson is called _____ which will show you how to ____

Step 2 – tell them why it’s important.  You could share a story of what happed or just list the benefits of why they need to know this e,g the reason this is important is that. _____

Step 3 – then go into the exact steps on how to do it.  Show them and you could even give examples of others who did it and got XYZ result.  E.g With that said … here are the exact steps you need to take _________

Step 4 – After you’ve shown them and they GET IT … end by restating the point of the lesson.  E.g. Now you know how to ____

It’s pretty simple, right?

If you aim to structure every lesson using this format … the chances of your audience getting it and taking action are a lot higher.

They know the aim of the lesson, they know why it’s important, they know how to do it and you’ve restated what they just learned at the end so they get it.

This format is much better — rather than just dumping a bunch of data on them and not knowing why it’s important or why they should learn it in the first place.

So now you know the basic teaching template and how to structure your lessons so that people get the most benefit out of it.

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