Why Online Business Is Better?

Today’s question comes from Andy who asks Chris, tell me why an online business is better?

The reason an online business is better is because

You can start right now in your own home with very little cost.  All you need is a PC, an internet connection, and an idea.

Once you have an idea, all you do is develop it into a product and sell it online.

You can build your own web site for free (just use WordPress and download it from their site).

You can accept orders online (just use PayPal it’s free) and you can advertise it to a worldwide audience using either google ads or Facebook ads).

And the best part is – if it doesn’t work, just delete the page and try a different one.

Compare that to starting a café or restaurant as most people do.  You’ll need to find a good location and pay a deposit.  (That’s a bill).

Then you need to sign up for at least 3-6 months lease (another bill).

Then you need to get furniture, tables, chairs, equipment (another bill).

You’ll need staff to help (more ongoing bills) and you constantly need to buy stock (food, ingredients, stock to sell to your customers) (more bills)  – and this is all before you’ve even made $1 in profit.

In fact, you’ll probably be $50-$100k in the red before you even start.

Worse, if it doesn’t work – you can’t just pack up and leave.

You’ll have to keep paying your rent till the lease is up (or charge you huge fees to terminate early) and some places make you even pay to take down all your storefront to put the place back exactly as what it was when you first arrived.

With an online business – you don’t have any of this nonsense.  You can start right now in the comfort of your own home.  If you’re making an online course business, there is no stock (in fact it’s all digital like PDF’s videos, word documents, and so forth.

You can advertise to a worldwide audience (as opposed to a shop where you’re limited to just people walking by) and best of all you don’t need a lot of staff because everything is automated and systematized.

You can serve 1 customer or 1,000 customers – it doesn’t matter.  You can’t do this with a café or restaurant.

In fact, with some of our projects, we’re up and running in 7 days hours from an idea of making the web site and having our first product ready to go.

The bulk of our money goes straight to advertising (which is something you have to have on a daily basis).  Almost nothing is wasted on nonsense like logos or office space, stock, or branding).

And if it works, we can grow it bigger and eventually sell it off for a large lump sum.  And all of this is done from my lounge room!

And for those who are saying lounge room?  … oh it’s not professional, you need an office you need staff, you need to wear a tie it’s not a real business –  I used to have all that.  I had a large office with 8 staff members.

Carparks, a security guard patrolling the premises, toilets with cleaners to constantly maintain things and was paying a fortune to upkeep all of this – an guess what – it didn’t increase anything at all.

In fact, it prevented me from spending more on advertising as it was going down the drain in rent.  So we’re more profitable at home, my staff is all virtual and we have a meeting once a month via video conference.

That’s it!  It allows me to spend more time with my wife, kid, and aging parents.  I live in a beautiful brand new home, I bought a new Benz for our anniversary.  I travel overseas every year, I don’t answer to any boss and best of I have very little debt.

It also allows my staff to carry on with their own life too.  If they want to reply to customer emails at 4 am in the morning and enjoy the rest of the day off – that’s not a problem!

So if you’ve wanted to start your own online business and have the freedom to do what you want – earn what you want – work when you want and not have to answer to a boss — check out my program where I show you exactly how to do it and you’ll be learning from someone who’s already done it several times as opposed to someone who’s selling ‘how to start a course business’ and never build a course business themselves.

Hope this answers your question on why an online business is better. If you too have any questions – just shoot them through and I’ll answer them for you as best I can.

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