Will my online course succeed?

Today’s question comes from Andrew who’s asking ‘Chris, this all sounds great and everything, but will my online business succeed?

This is a great question –and the truth is you will succeed if you choose to never quit.

Let me say that again – you will succeed if you choose never to quit.

You may fail a few times – but that’s only temporary.  But as long as you chose never to quit – your chances of success are 100%

I’ve done this many times in my own life.  I always wanted to learn the guitar – my determination was very high.  So I learned to play on my own.  I borrowed my dad’s guitar (turned it upside down) as he’s right-handed and I am left and I practiced so much that my fingers bled.  Even then, I put a sock over my hands so I could keep going.  Eventually I learned to play.  I formed a band, entered a competition we didn’t come first but we can 2nd (not a bad effort) and scored a recording contract out of it. All of this was possible because I chose never to quit.

Or how about this … I always wanted to start an online business.  I didn’t have any money or knowledge so I worked at a job to save 5k.  During my lunch break, I read marketing books.  I moved into my parent’s garage and built my first online business there.  And that went from 0 to 1.03million in 48 months.

So I’ve done it – others are doing it and there’s no reason you can’t do it also.

Remember now is easier than ever to start an online business.  You have a PC and an internet connection and you’re hooked up to the world.  You can work in your pajamas if you want to!

Contrast that to the old days where you’d have to go around knocking on people’s doors to see them  – or send letters to people’s mailbox in order to reach them.

Now I can click a button and send an email to 50,000 in the evening and by the morning orders will come pouring in.  And if it doesn’t work for any reason – who cares – you haven’t lost anything.  Just delete the page and try something else.

If I had to post a letter to 50,000 people that’ll cost me $32,500 in postage stamps – and if we mail 12 times per month – that’s $390,000 I’d have to pay!  Thanks to email we don’t need to do any of this.  Can you see the power you have t your fingertips?

Lastly if you want your online course to succeed – just stick to the fundamental steps

  • Keep costs to a minimum during the beginning staged.  Don’t rent office space, get logos designed, letterheads, and all that nonsense.  Build your site yourself, run your ads yourself and just see if your idea has any sign of working.  All you need is a sign.  That’ enough to build a business and grow it bigger
  • Stick to what people are ALREADY searching for. It’s very hard coming up with a brand new product no one’s ever heard of or no one’s searching for.  How can you convince them to buy if they don’t know what it is?  And how can you get people to click your ads if they’re not searching for it in the first place?  So use a google keyword tool to make sure people are already searching for it in the first place.  If we find no one is looking for what we’re thinking of making – we don’t proceed.  There have to be lots of people looking for it so as soon as we run our ads – BOOM – the traffic comes in instantly.
  • Once you’ve got lots of clicks – stick to the 4 step rule which we show you in our total product blueprint course
    Step 1 – lots of clicks
    Ste p2 – lots of leads
    – Step 3 – first-time sale
    Step 4 – multi sales

That’s it!  Just follow those 4 steps and you’ll succeed.  It can’t be any easier than that. I’m basically giving you the framework – so all you need to do is stick to it  which is already proven to work and your online course will succeed.

So hope this answers your question.  Let me know if you have any questions also I’ll answer them for you.