Keyword Research

Keyword Research

This lesson is called keyword research and will show you how to find out exactly what people are searching for, which countries they are from, what further related keywords they type in and how the competition is fairing in each area.

The reason this is important is that when you run adverts, you want lots of people clicking your advert and coming straight to your web site.

If you run ads and find no one is clicking them – it simply means no one is searching for what you’re offering in the first place

– and you’re going to be stuck at step 1.

So it’s important we find something that ALREADY HAS people looking for it before we move further.

Here is the step by step lesson on how to do it …

Do a search for Google Adwords, sign up for a free account, and once inside click TOOLS & SETTINGS > KEYWORD PLANNER (under planning heading)

In the Discover New Keyword box type in random keywords you think may have an interest.  For example, I’ll type in ‘how to draw’.

Now as you can see, there are a lot of people searching for how to draw particular things.

So this is a good sign.

The competition is also very low, another good thing.

But we need to use our common sense now.

Is this something people are willing to pay for?

Now as per the previous lesson, I did a search in Amazon, ClickBank, and Udemy and found many courses on ‘how to draw people’ … and those courses were selling quite well.

So that is my first clue.

People are already selling courses on it and already making sales from it.

I didn’t see many courses on ‘how to draw a tree’ for example.

When I find ‘how to draw people’ I can see there are 22,200 people looking for this specific topic every month.

This is a good sign.

Anything around 15,000 – 20,000 people per month is a decent amount of people.

Anything less than that you may have a hard time getting any volume clicking your advert and come to your site.

This is something we did when we first got started and it worked.

So our first course was ‘how to draw people’

So try and find something that has 15-20k searches per month so you know there are enough people to show your advert to in the first place.

Make sure there are other similar courses that have already sold well on amazon, ClickBank, and Udemy, so the chances of your course selling well become quite high also.

And try to think of something you can expand upon after your first one.

For example, once people buy my ‘how to draw people’ course – later I can expand to ‘how to draw landscapes’ or ‘how to draw animals’  or ‘how to draw real-life’ … and so forth.

But the most important thing is to get the first one working.

Be aware of keywords with way too much search volume (for example the keyword ‘guitar’ as they may be people just looking for pictures or videos rather than the actual content.

Also, try to be specific when you do this.

For example, the keyword ‘how to draw’ has nearly 250,000 searches and low competition, but –  how to draw what?

I need to know specifically what people want so I can make it and advertise it … rather than just run an advert saying ‘how to draw … ??? anything ??’  It needs to be more targeted and specific.

Lastly, there is one trick you can do that may help.

If you do find people searching for what you’re offering but the competition is too high – you don’t need to specifically advertise under that exact keyword.

Instead, you can come in from a slightly different angle.

For example, there was a guy who sold custom guitars.  But the competition was pretty fierce in that market.

So instead he sold guitar picks for cheap – hundreds of guitar picks as it was a lower barrier to entry.

Then, later on, he followed up with those customers (because he already knows they play guitar) – and asked them if they’re interested in a brand new custom guitar.

Out of every 100 sales, he got 1 custom guitar order (which was around $5,000 I think) so that is an example of coming in from a slightly different angle that may help you.

So just to wrap it up, now you know how to use the google keyword tool and perform keyword research to find out what people are searching for, from which county they are from and what kind of competition you are up against.

You also learned what to watch out for as well as a slightly different angle to come in from if the competition is too high.

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