Gather Results

Gather Results

When you leave your ads running and you’re waiting for feedback to build up – it can be a bit daunting to know you’re spending money with no product to sell – but trust me the info you get will be well worth it.

It will give you valuable insight into your visitor’s minds and tell you exactly what to create.

Remember you only need to do this once and that’s it.

And when your first product is up, running, and selling, you really don’t need to do anything else after that.

Provided you do this step – you can expect to generate sales round the clock for as long as your ads are active.

We haven’t touched any of our front-end products since day 1 and they still continue to run and produce sales today.

Here’s an example of some of the feedback you may expect to get …

You can also use a word analysis tool such as

to paste your user’s comments in and see which words are appearing more frequently than others and get a sense of a common theme.

For example, if I paste in my guitar feedback – I can see chords is a big one.

Time is the next one and practice is also big.  Finger and playing guitar too.

Barre chords are a big one also

So as long as I have these words in my sales copy – it’s going to be in line with what my user wants.

So I could say if you’re struggling with chords – or you don’t have time to practice or you just can’t seem to hold that all-important barre chord – we’ll show you how in our brand new guitar course which is now available online.

See how it works?

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